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Studio Policy


Please check the online schedule for current class times. Schedule is released every Saturday for the upcoming 2 weeks and reservations can be made 2 weeks in advance provided you have enough classes or an active monthly membership in your account. You are responsible for reserving your own classes and advance reservation is encouraged. If you do not reserve in advance, it is likely that there will not be any available space in class. If this happens, we highly encourage the use of our waitlist as members cancel all the time. 


If the classes you want is full, add yourself to the waitlist and as other members cancel, you will be added to the class automatically according to your position on the waitlist.  Once you are added to a class of the waitlist, you are considered to be confirmed for that class and all cancellation and no-show policies apply. You will receive and automated courtesy email informing you that you have been added to a class if you have opted in to receiving emails and newsletters from Studio55. This is only a courtesy email and you are advised to log in to your account to keep track of any confirmed bookings off of the waitlist. If you did not receive an email 3 hours prior the class you may call the studio to inform they you’re interested to attend if any cancelation happens. 

cancellation & no show

You may cancel reserved sessions for any reason without penalty up to 3 hours before your scheduled class. Cancellations must be completed online. Cancellations made after the 3-hour deadline are considered late cancellations and will result a “No Show”. Switching sessions or showing up for a session at a different time than what you are scheduled for after the 3-hour deadline are considered late cancellations.If you’re on the waiting list our system automatically enrolls you when there is a space in the class. If you’re enrolled 3 hours before the class, make sure to cancel and avoid a “No Show”.

A “no show” which is when you do not cancel a booked class before 3 hours from start time of class

- For session-based packages; For 1st "no show" a warning will be issued, thereafter a “no show” would be accounted as a session and deducted from your package.

- For unlimited monthly packages the following penalty will be applied: 

  • Warning for 1st “no show”

  • Each "no show" will be deducting one day from your unlimited monthly package

  • After 8th "no show" you will be receiving a call from Studio55 Management to inform you that you will be waitlisted for all sessions booked for a week

- For your safety and according to the guidelines of world health organization we will not accept entry into classes past 10 min from start time as the warm up section of the workout would be over and it's dangerous for your body to enter straight into a workout without warming up the body, we highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

Membership freezing requests may be sent to info@fitstudio55.com along with the dates the hold should be in effect.Freezing your package is eligible for the following packages:

  • One Year Unlimited - 2 months freeze

membership freeze

All classes are prepaid and you must purchase a package in order to reserve classes. Please note that when you purchase classes you are paying for a class and not an instructor and instructors are subject to change. Accepted forms of payment are cash or credit card (Visa and Mastercard) either online or at the studio.  It is your responsibility to keep track of the charges on your card and Studio55 is not responsible for any bank fees you incur as result of these charges. If a payment cannot be processed, we will do our best to get in contact with you to resolve the issue but if you fail to pay charges your account will be immediately suspended and/or terminated. No refunds will be issued once packages are purchased.